Random Book Review: Longbourn

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I greatly enjoyed Ms. Baker’s novel. I cared about her Sarah and James, and found myself rooting for them almost from the beginning. As an Austen-junkie, one thing I had to do very early in the book was suspend my typical perception of the Pride and Prejudice characters, particularly Elizabeth Bennet. Miss Austen writes her as so charming and enjoyable, even through all her faults, that it’s sometimes hard to imagine her as a product of her environment, her station, or her 19th Century mores. Ms. Baker paints Elizabeth as kind, but very much a ‘gentleman’s daughter.’ With that out of the way, I was free to enjoy the story – and see some of the parallels to Austen’s characters within the characters of Sarah and James.
‘Longbourn’ was well-written and as smooth as silk – I glided through it. Even the story of James’s soldiering was not difficult to read, although it did not completely gloss over the horrors of 19th Century warfare.
All in all, it was a fresh and interesting twist on an old favorite, a bit of newness to go with a well-loved, familiar story.

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