Run for your life! TyrannoNorris

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Welcome to my blog and the penultimate entry in the #JurassicAusten reference library! This afternoon we examine the inhabitants of that creepy pit of vipers known as Mansfield Park.


Fannyopteryx minima
Common Name: Fanny Price

Description: Seen by most as a boring, timid creature, little Fannyopteryx was plain, and often in poor health.

Range: F. minima had a wider range of habitat than expected, beginning her life in Portsmouth and traveling to the vast, intimidating Mansfield Park.

Behaviors: Often seen as shy, retiring and passive – at times, even passive-aggressive – F. minima could spew judgment when backed against the wall and pressured to do what she believed she should not. Fannyopteryx was a master of camouflage, often blending into the woodwork to avoid falling prey to T. acribum. This Austenosaur enjoyed nature and empty school rooms.

Mating Habits: Fanny employed a risky strategy of pining for her ideal mate, waiting for him to notice her, even when a more attractive and aggressive female arrived on the scene. Eventually, Fanny’s superior moral fiber won his devotion, if not his passion – which was lukewarm even at its best.

Tyrannonorris acribum
Common Name: Mrs. Norris

Description: An aggressive and predatory Austenosaur, T. acribum sported sharp teeth to rip and tear her prey to shreds, and arms too short to allow productive use of her hands.

Range: Mrs. Norris resided in a small nest near her friends, but was often seen skulking about the rambling rooms of Mansfield Park, pilfering items such as jellies, drapes, and sewing materials.

Behaviors: Tyrannorris was a driving force in the downfall of Mariadon, by encouraging the production of Lovers’ Vows. Mrs. Norris’s activities were often characterized by spending others’ money and feeding off the misery of Fannyopteryx – in little, painful bites.

Mating Habits: Eww

(Image credits: Concavenator chasing Pelecanimimus Wikimedia; Carlton House Rose Satin Drawing Room Wikimedia; Red Shawl Wikimedia)

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So, stay tuned and…

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  1. Joy D King
    | Reply

    WHAT A HOOT!!! As I read down I started feeling anxious about what might be said of Mrs. Norris’s mating habits. Phew! Well done!

    • Lee Lu
      | Reply

      Lol! Besides Ew, the tyrannonorris doesn’t reproduce at all.

    • Monica P
      | Reply

      Yes, I think the less said about that, the better! Haha I think she probably would just shed part of her tail and it would grow into another horrid creature. Blech!

  2. karen
    | Reply

    Thanks for the comments, Lee, Monica and Joy! I don’t know dinosaurs too well, but I can certainly envision a TyrannoNorris attack 🙂

  3. Lúthien84
    | Reply

    Enjoyed this post, Karen. Poor F. minima, always get pick on and bitten off by T. Acribum.

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