Jurassic Austen Encyclopedia Complete

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Jurassic Austen is on its way to extinction, but…

There’s still time to enter our giveaway: Make a comment on any of the participating blog posts (on or before Wednesday 6/17) suggesting a #JurassicAusten dinosaur name, sharing a picture of your own Austenosaur, adding to an existing description, or simply making your thoughts known.  At the end of the event, we will enter all unique comments on the blog posts into a random drawing for a published Meryton Press book of the winner’s choice. Multiple comments will be accepted as multiple entries as long as they are each unique, don’t resemble spam, and are pertinent to the subject matter at hand.

KC Kahler: Maternosaurus vulgaris

Beau North: Avaricium hypochondrius

Jessica Evans: Siblioraptor wantonus

KC Kahler: Diplosororia dramatis

KC Kahler: Nauticolophus fidelum

Linda Beutler: Primary dinosaur species of the Rosings biome

KC Kahler: Novellalectora ingenuus

Linda Beutler: Denizens of the Hunsford Tar Pits

Karen M. Cox: Knightleysaurus gallantum and his wonderful darling friend

Karen M Cox: TyrannoNorris!!

KC Kahler: Bellopteryx sorori

So keep those comments coming and Good Luck!

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