Karen M. Cox – A meandering path that led to becoming an author:

My childhood home was filled with books—both my parents are readers, and books were highly valued in my family. I don’t remember learning how to read, but my mother says she realized I was reading by the time I was five. One natural extension of loving to read books, was to begin writing them.

So I wrote my first book. I was all of nine years old – did the illustrations too. It was a dramatic tale about an elephant family and how they rebuilt their home in the aftermath of a flood. Over the years, I wrote other things, short stories mostly, the skeleton of a novel, but I was too shy to show them to anyone.

I didn’t necessarily choose the romance genre—it sort of chose me. I was busy, like a lot of people—getting my education, working, raising my family—and I got a couple of sucker punches from Life: The reality of turning 40 – with all the soul-searching that entails, and a year later, the unexpected loss of a young family member. I read voraciously during that time to keep my mind occupied, and romance was my genre of choice because I needed stories that were life and love-affirming. As I read, I realized I had things I wanted to say to the world—about love, about families, about life—and I began telling them through stories of my own. I’d always continued writing in private, but with the support of readers and other authors in a Jane Austen on-line community called A Happy Assembly, I decided I was brave enough to share my stories. I’m very fortunate that Meryton Press was interested enough to pick up 1932, my first published novel.

That’s how I approached the writer’s path, but, as every author knows, it’s a path that never really ends. I’m excited to see what twists and turns lie ahead…