5 Useful Tools for Indie Authors

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  The term “indie author” has the connotation of a woman who charts her own path, a lone wolf who braves the brutal jungle that is the current publishing world, without the benefit (or shackle, depending on your point of view) … Read More

Random Book Review: The Immortal Irishman

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  Every once in a while, I’ll read a biography that ignites a fire of interest in my soul. The protagonist’s life experiences, thoughts and ideas keep rolling around in my mind, sometimes for months. Bits of his or her … Read More

5 Best Things about Mr. Knightley

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I’m currently immersed in Jane Austen’s Emma as I try to finish my current WIP, a 1970s adaptation of our beloved authoress’s fourth published novel. It’s daunting work, as the original contains intricacies of dialogue, characterization and plot that are simply genius, … Read More

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