1932 medium

Scene from Chapter 19 of 1932: Darcy is at dinner with the Bennets, musing to himself when he’s interrupted by Mrs Bennet –



Scene from Chapter 19:  Find Wonder in All Things 

The whole crew is out on the lake to celebrate July 4th, but the holiday doesn’t turn out the way they planned…



Billy Ray Davenport finds Lizzy’s company infinitely more pleasant to that of Dr. Miller’s daughters – as shown in this scene from Chapter 5…



Northanger Revisited 2015: an excerpt from my short story (one of eight stories) in Meryton Press’s summer anthology, Sun-Kissed: Effusions of SummerAlso known as ‘When Henry Met Catherine’

Maggie’s Christmas Miracle: A vignette from the unpublished work, “Journey Home”—a prequel and “side-quel” to 1932.