I Could Write a Book:

A variation on Jane Austen’s Emma set in the 1970s in Bluegrass Horse Country.

Emma Katherine Woodward, handsome, clever and rich – lives in comfort at her father’s home in the Bluegrass State.  Her life is pleasant, ordered and predictable, if a little confining.  George Knightley is a man of the world who came home to fulfill his family obligations: learning to run his father’s thriving law practice and caring for the sprawling Donwell Farm. George and Emma’s lives have meshed and separated and interwoven time and again – since they were children.  But now they’re adults, with grown-up challenges,  grown-up duties and dreams for the future.

This story is in first draft stage.


One More Time, or Anne Darcy Begins Again

Anne Darcy has led a charmed life: an old Southern family steeped in money and tradition, and an avocation she loves as the owner of a small horse farm. She has a husband who adores her, a handsome young son poised to take over her husband’s business, and a beautiful, talented daughter. But when tragedy strikes, Anne must reach inside herself for every last ounce of strength to rebuild her life.

This story is in first draft stage.